Everybody knows that each region has its traditions, and every plate could be cooked in a thousand different ways. But there are rules, dudes. We can’t ignore them, so don’t leave a comment like “My grandmother used to fry eggplants in the butter“. This is not the original recipe.
Italian Eggplant Parmigiana is one of Southern Italy most famous dishes. And one of the most yummy. I like to accompany the Parmigiana with a rosetta bread to make scarpetta, but I’m from Rome, you know, and for Sicilian people this is a sacrilege.

Italian recipe –  Italian recipe

It’s a main dish, so you won’t need any pasta or chicken or whatever to accompany your eggplant parmigiana. Americans, friends, I know that Italians are the best enemies of themselves. I know that the sons of the sons of the first Italian immigrants in the US completely changed many recipes they’ve never ate in the original way. It’s like the game you played when you were children, you know the telephone without cable? No? Well, it’s an old game for Italian children: the first person whispers something in the other’s ear, the second refers the same phrase to the third, this one to the fourth and so on. Well, you can assure that the last one will hear something completely different from the original sentence.

American recipe – can you see the difference?

For Italian recipes in the US it’s the same.
The image on the right doesn’t belong to our tradition. We don’t bread the eggplants before fry them. Once the eggplant is cut, someone put the slices into the beaten eggs then into the flour, someone else skip the egg stage for the only flour, others only deep fry the slices into the hot oil. But Italians do never, never, never  use bread crumb to cook Parmigiana. And never use mozzarella cheese: just real fresh mozzarella.
So, if you want to cook a great original Parmigiana, look at the video and follow the Bobby Flay’s recipe. The other man, the immigrant’s son, didn’t do so well.

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