This main dish is the real reason that pushed me to write about Italian food in America when I saw a Restaurant: Impossible episode, yesterday. I love Robert Irvine, and I like very much his program, even more than the grumpy English chef.
But in Italy we don’t have Chicken Parmesan.
See the image. Fried chicken breasts with tomato sauce and Parmesan cheese over plain rigatoni.
Pasta is a main course that we call First plate.
Chicken is a main dish that we call Second plate, served with a side.
When we are really really hungry we eat both, but in the Mediterranean Diet we usually have Pasta for lunch and meat for dinner (or the opposite): maybe that’s the reason why most of us are thinner than most of you.
In the episode above mentioned, chicken was poached in a tomato sauce – such as in the right image. I was really really really disgusted. I don’t know if in some Italian region we eat fried chicken and tomato. Maybe Neapolitans do, but I think it should be similar to the upper image. We have crispy Milanese (breaded veal cutlet) or Cotoletta (breaded cutlet).
But no tomato. Above all, no poached chicken.